Phil ‘Smagical’ Smage in The Road 2 Recovery: Episode 1

Phil Smage’s crash during the filming of Action Figures 2 was a moment many of us at Nitro Circus will never forget. In the days and weeks that followed, Smagical and his family and friends went through a roller coaster of emotions and tackled some of the biggest challenges they’ve ever faced. But with the generous help of Road 2 Recovery and a whole lot of self-motivation, Smagical’s story is one of inspiration and the power of positivity. Check out this episode of The Road to Recovery, a series produced by Andy Bell’s Sweatpants Media in conjunction with Road 2 Recovery.

Check out more from the six-part series right here — Episode 2 is live featuring BMX legend Scotty Cranmer — and make sure you subscribe to the Road 2 Recovery YouTube channel so you can catch future episodes as they release.



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