Bereman, McNeil, Torronteras Podium at Dirt Shark Whip Contest

If the Monster Energy Cup is motocross’ all-star game, the Dirt Shark Biggest Whip Contest is the equivalent of the slam dunk competition. It’s where riders who are known for their fast and loose lifestyles really let their hair down in a bid to send the biggest whips in the world. The competition attracts some of the world’s best FMX riders. Whip king Jarryd McNeil won the competition in 2014 and 2015, which earned him a slot of the pre-qualified list. Fresh off an injury, he still pulled second place this year, bested only by Tyler Bereman. Edgar Torronteras took home third. Several Nitro Circus riders also competed, including Josh Sheehan, Vicki GoldenNate Adams, Harry Bink, and Jacko Strong. Check out the highlights of what’s being called the biggest Dirt Shark Whip Contest to date:



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