We’re back in South Africa, finally. It’s one of our favorite places to perform, and with one down and two go, plus many days of potential shenanigans in between, we’re just getting started. Speaking of, Travis Pastrana kicked off his time in South Africa with a little press, like only he could:

Upon arriving at our first stop, Travis, Steve Mini, and Blake “Bilko” Williams immediately competed in a scooter race — the motorized kind, not the R-Willy kind — ending up on Table Mountain in Cape Town.

We had an awesome show in Cape Town. Harry Bink took the MVC for landing (in some cases barely) the gnarliest tricks on the FMX side. His rock solid backflip to no-hander is nutty, and he had what can only be described as a miraculous stick on a frontflip suicide. Check it:

On the Giganta side, it was an action-packed and awesome but sometimes tough night, as the lander was dewy, making for constant slippery conditions. As you’ll see in the next clip, some of the guys took some heavy hits on the night due mostly to that slick landing. Backstage crew tried to keep them dry, but it was a constant battle. Luckily these guys dropped in and sent it anyway. Check out some quick highlights and a selection of photos from the night:



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