The Nitro Circus Next Level Tour kicked off in Canberra, Australia, over the weekend, and it was more than the usual Nitro-style blowout tour opener. This tour represents the evolution of action sports that Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus Crew are always seeking. It’s all new, with bigger setups and a show plan that emphasizes pushing the limits, including a built-in best trick competition for the FMX side and the Giganta side, where the winner each night gets a $1,000 bonus and, most importantly, the glory of being awarded Best Trick in a competition between some of the greatest action sports athletes in the world. Basically, you do not want to miss this epic show. Australia, it’s happening now, so check out the tour page to see where we’re headed next. North America: Buckle up, because a special moto-only version of the Next Level Tour will be hitting in a couple short months. Here are some video highlights from Canberra to get you in the mood. Below, we’ll break down some of the awesomeness.

Let’s talk about the new FMX kickers, which we’re calling The Next Level Ramps. It’s about time the FMX side got a catchy nickname for their setup. These ramps have previously only been used very rarely, including the Nitro World Games. They’re, in a word, enormous, and the guys had a ton of nervy fun riding them in front of a crowd for the first time. Steve Mini stuck a giant frontflip. On the biggest ramp, Josh Sheehan was going to do a straight double backflip, but MC Bruce Robson thought he was planning a double backflip superman (a little first show miscommunication is pretty standard), so when Bruce announced that trick, Sheeny just went for it, despite not having even practiced it since Nitro World Games. Bonkers. Harry Bink stuck a beauty of a rock solid backflip — in previous tours this was a grand finale trick. This time, it happened in the first half of the show. Trevor Piranha joined the tour and stuck a three-wheeler backflip. It’s gnarly, but let’s be real: Trevor’s biggest contribution to the show is the entertainment value he brings on or off the bike.

The Giganta side was as bonkers as ever, with the BMX,, scooter, inline, and skate holding it down, plus new contraptions and some old favorites as well. In the video above, you saw BMX legend Jed Mildon take a wild ride on the recliner, a contraption that he’s ramped dozens and dozens of times that is, clearly, no less sketchy just because he’s experienced. The remarkable thing is Jed came out of that wreck a little sore, but with no permanent damage. There’s a reason they call him Warrior.

Bink took home the FMX Best Trick award for that rock solid backflip, while BMX phenom Kurtis Downs repped the Giganta side, landing a flip triple whip and a one-handed Hart attack backflip. The judges were very impressed.

All in all, it was a killer tour kick-off that has massive implications for things to come. Everyone needs to come out to see this, whether you’ve been to a Nitro show before or not. Click here to see where we’re going to be next, and click through this photo gallery if you need more inspiration:



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