Don’t Miss the Nitro Circus Live Throwdown Livestreams

We are excited to announce that Nitro Circus fans around the world will have a chance to get a taste of Nitro Circus Live even if the tour is far from your city. The Nitro Circus Live Throwdown is a segment of the new live show, a legit competition between the best action sports athletes in the world, vying for a shot at a big cash prize and, most important, bragging rights. Select installments of Throwdown will be streaming live on Facebook throughout the North America and European tours this fall, with the first one coming to you live from Minneapolis on Oct. 3. You can watch it all streaming live on the Nitro Circus Facebook page. You can also see it live in person in a city near you by clicking here. Here’s a glimpse at the types of tricks the riders are doing to win this competition:

The YOU GOT THIS Tour of North America is two shows in, and in just those two shows we’ve seen some of the craziest tricks as the riders battle for the title every night. In Montreal, we saw Dusty Wygle land an insane Aussie roll on his mountain bike and Jaie Toohey stick a triple flip on his BMX. In Toronto, Brandon Schmidt landed a World First BMX double backflip double whip — which he’s calling the Double Double (video above). FMX phenom Harry Bink landed an enormous frontflip no-hander in Montreal, and his rock solid backflip that he rode into the second row stole the show in Toronto, narrowly edging out Adam Jones and his picture perfect dead body backflip. Basically, the guys are going off to win, and you don’t want to miss it.

Here’s the schedule of livestreams:

Oct. 3: Minneapolis
Oct. 11: San Jose
Oct. 13: Anaheim
Nov. 27: Stockholm
Nov. 30: Paris
Dec. 4: Munich

The premise of Throwdown is to let the athletes cut loose and show the world what they’ve got. The competitions during every show are FMX Best Trick and Giganta Best Trick. FMX Best Trick is exactly what it sounds like: the best riders in the world hitting the biggest ramps in the world and attempting tricks that used to be possible only in video games. Giganta Best Trick is similar: the best athletes hitting the biggest ramp, attempting unbelievable tricks. On the Giganta side, the athletes can ride whatever they want: BMX, scooter, mountain bike, skate, or inline. It’s an awesome segment that we’re stoked to bring to the masses, so make sure you check it out!



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